KIM is known to have a significantly high success rate working with individuals who have intense behaviors and intense medical needs.

This is primarily due to the highly skilled staff training for working with multiple types of disabilities.

Our Community & Connections

KIM is closely connected to our town. Ellensburg is a smaller rural area, with a close nit feel to it. The downtown area has numerous historic buildings and a lively atmosphere on most days. It also contains one of the most diverse and fastest growing colleges in the state, Central Washington University

Adults with Developmental Disabilities

We provide in home, habilitation, personal care, and community access.

All of our services follow the guidelines of the “CHIRPS” Values: Competence, Health & Safety, Integration, Relationships, Power & Choice, Status

Our Mission

Advocating change for a better tomorrow!

Our Vision

Take Care Of Each Other

What Take Care Of Each Other means: KIM‘s team operates as a human body. Organ by organ, limb by limb, caring for each other to ensure healthy bodily function.

We pride ourselves being Open, Honest, Fun, Friendly & Involved in the client’s and family’s lives. We tailor our care to each client’s abilities, wishes and personal choices.

Please get in touch!

Interested in our services? Here are the qualifications of program entrance: Healthcare Support Needs, Developmental Disability, qualified through Developmental Disabilities Administration or Private Clients with Developmental Disabilities or needing Mental Health Supports.

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