What We do

We provide in supported living services (SLS), in-home support, Habilitation, personal care, and community access.

All of our services follow the guidelines of the “CHIRPS” Values: Competence, Health & Safety, Integration, Relationships, Power & Choice, Status.

Who We Are 

Family owned and operated since 1998. We are an engaging agency that excels with supporting people with intellectual disabilities. Our caring nature, strong values and individualized care for each of our client’s programs and wishes helps us make a difference in the communities we live in.  All while considering the lives of all of our clients and the people who help support them.

Community & Connections

KIM is closely connected to our town. Ellensburg is a smaller rural area, with a close nit feel to it. The downtown area has numerous historic buildings and a lively atmosphere on most days. It also contains one of the most diverse and fastest growing colleges in the state, Central Washington University.

KIM is connected with doctors who work at hospitals and pharmacists who fill prescriptions on first name basis. With our presence, we are provided with access to multiple resources in community.

KIM has opened a new location in Yakima, Washington in the historic Larson building.