Community Protection Program (CPP)

Supports are voluntary services that provide intensive, 24-hour supervision for those who have been identified as posing a significant risk to their community due to their criminal/behavioral history. Community Protection Program provides support for participants to live successfully in the Yakima and Ellensburg community and continue to remain out of prison or other justice system settings. Environmental and programmatic safeguards are in place to protect neighbors and community members, to the extent possible, from behaviors that endanger people or property and/or interfere with the rights of others. This structured, specialized environment gives participants the opportunity to make positive choices to resolve or manage the behaviors that require intensive intervention and supervision.

Community Protection Program offers specialized support within our supported living services model which is designed to assist those adults that have been identified as a potential risk to the safety of themselves or the community.  To be eligible for this program an adult it must be determined by:

Why a Community Protection Plan is Important

Community protection programs are an important tool for supporting adults with developmental disabilities and helping them to live safe, healthy, and fulfilling lives. These programs aim to prevent abuse, neglect, and exploitation, and to provide individuals with the resources and support they need to thrive in their communities.

Developmental disabilities are conditions that can affect an individual’s cognitive, physical, and emotional development, and can impact their ability to function independently. These disabilities can range from mild to severe and can affect individuals throughout their lives.

Adults with developmental disabilities may be at increased risk of abuse, neglect, and exploitation, due to their vulnerability and lack of autonomy. They may also face challenges in accessing services and support and may struggle to navigate complex systems and advocate for themselves.

Community protection programs can help to address these challenges and provide adults with developmental disabilities with the protection and support they need. These programs can offer a range of services, including:

  • Case management: Case managers can help individuals to access the services and support they need, and can provide ongoing guidance and assistance to help them navigate complex systems and advocate for their rights.
  • Financial management: Financial management services can help individuals to manage their money and budget, and can provide support and guidance to help them avoid financial exploitation and fraud.
  • Legal advocacy: Legal advocates can provide guidance and assistance to individuals who have experienced abuse, neglect, or exploitation, and can help them to understand their rights and access legal remedies.
  • Supportive housing: Supportive housing programs can provide individuals with safe, affordable, and accessible housing options, and can offer support and services to help them live independently and thrive in their communities.

Overall, community protection programs are an essential part of the support and services available to adults with developmental disabilities. These programs can help to prevent abuse, neglect, and exploitation, and can provide individuals with the resources and support they need to live fulfilling and independent lives.