Yep, Yep, Yep

Nearly 20 years of experience, array of knowledge.

Devoted to client’s needs and choice preferences.

Administrative staff is consistently available.

Above average retention figures lead to above average care.

Dare To Care

Internal opportunities to grow and develop own skills.

Comprehensive benefits package for employees.

Intense specific care/training provided as identified by client, either physical or mental needs.

Numerous communication tools.

Our Services

Supportive Living Services 

In-Home Support Services 

Community Protection Program 

Behavioral & Medical Personal Care

Community Access and Home Habilitation


Kittitas Interactive Management Services

KIM is known to have a significantly high success rate working with individuals who have intense behaviors and intense medical needs.

This is primarily due to the highly skilled staff training for working with multiple types of disabilities.

Our services provide guardians, clients and employees with an upfront and honest approach about expectations, clear communication, company culture that promotes lifestyle client wants and deserves.

Our services are geared towards the needs of the individual. We focus on learning and collaborating as well as service our client and offer support in a meaningful way. Through our C.H.I.P.S philosophy, our client’s case manager as well as with families and communities, our client’s needs are identified and formalized into an Individual Support Plan (ISP). We use various processes to complete a focused and compassionate plan ensuring that our services also include the support they need to fulfill their hopes, goals and dreams. With information from both processes we then develop an Individual Instruction Support Plan (IISP) that includes their identified needs in addition to their individual goals.

At Kittitas Interactive, our services are based on Valued Outcomes. These include the Health & Safety of our clients, their Power & Choice, developing Relationships, Status, Core Competence, and Community involvement and contribution. We are passionate that all people require attention in all of these areas in order to live a purposeful life.