Our In-Home Support Service (IHSS) is an important program that allows family members and caregivers to take care of adults with developmental disabilities who need long term care in the comfort and of their homes. We provided assistance with health maintenance activities, support for activities of daily living and may include medical or behavioral personal care. Health maintenance activities are those routine activities which are necessary for normal bodily functioning that an adult with a disability would do if he/ she were physically able, or that would be carried out by family members if they were available.


The IHSS program allows adults to maintain their independence in their home and contribute to, and participate in the community. Adults in the In-Home Support Services program have the freedom to choose their attendants, and are allowed to direct them in the services provided. This may include the type of care they provide and/or the time of day they arrive.  We will work with adults, their case managers and physicians to develop an In-Home Support Service plan of care. We will also assist adults in selecting an attendant and provide support and personalized training to meet our adult’s health care needs.  Individuals have the right to dismiss an attendant at any time. Kittitas Interactive will provide adults with an on call back-up service 24/7.


Our In-Home Support Service include: